Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Chanel's 'Rouge Noir' Nail Varnish

I just wanted to share with you how amazing this nail varnish is. It's just beautiful. I love dark nails, I love red and I love Chanel, so what's not to like? Granted, Chanel is a little expensive, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself!

Chanel nail varnish's are kind of watery which makes life SO much easier! I hate when your nail polish gets all gloopy, it goes on too thickly and you can't spread it properly. With this you can get close to the cuticles and maintain that clean oval shape because the product moves around so smoothly. You do still have to put another layer on though!

This was a gift from my close friend Sarah. If it was up to me, I probably wouldn't buy the varnish as it's a little too over priced and I think there are some great replicas out there for half the price. However if I came into some money and wanted to treat myself, I'd either choose Chanel, OPI or Essie as my brand of choice!

A good dupe for this for those who'd like to know are Barry M's Raspberry (it has more red in it but is one of my all time favourite nail varnish's), also NARS Chinatown, D&G Dahlia, OPI All A-bordeaux the Sleigh and Rescue Beauty Atame... in fact it's a really easy shade to find by most brands, you just have to look!

Meli X


  1. Blog looks amazing now. Great post; I like to think it was dedicated to me :) X

  2. Haha I formally declare that this post is dedicated to Sarah for buying me the Chanel nail varnish and introducing me to the world of hot cloth cleansing, REN and for buying me that Chanel lipstick ;)