Sunday, 20 January 2013

My Graduation

So on the 18th January I finally graduated, VERY exciting!! I got a 2:1 in Broadcast Media and Media Writing... I'm so happy and proud I thought I'd share a few pics!

This is just after the ceremony when I'd received my degree!

I must admit I was absolutely wetting myself with nerves at possibly tripping over whilst going onto the stage to collect my degree, especially because of the snow we've been having recently - I eventually chickened out of wearing heels as I have an abnormal fear of slipping over!!

Despite that I was so freakin' happy, and I got to see some old faces again which was amazing!

Throwing our hats!

Oh for those of you who are curious or have this to look forward to, the gown is SO ANNOYING! And they have to clip the hat onto your head, you can't move for fear of it slipping off!

You do feel all important and awesome wearing them though! ;)

That night we also had the grad ball which I was THIS CLOSE to not attending because of the cost, but fortunately a friend managed to get me a free ticket last minute!

Me and some of my old housemates from third year! <3 nbsp="nbsp" td="td">


I had such a good night, it was so nice seeing everyone again, but also a little heartbreaking to think I wont see a lot of those people again! Wahhh :(

Meli X


  1. Congratulations! Must feel so good to have finally finished but scary at the same time!

    I'm in my first year so graduation seems so long away! Can't wait to throw my hat in in the air!

    Congrats again :)

    1. Thank you so much! It goes by SO quickly, I'm still sad it's all over! Make sure you enjoy every second, uni is definitely the time of your life! :) xxx