Sunday, 6 January 2013

My New Favourite Make-up Artist

I have just discovered my favourite make-up artist of all time (well, at least for now!) Her make-up is literally exquisite. It's my version of what make-up should be - enhancing, flawless, beautiful, smooth, perfectly buffed and blended. If I were famous, I'd want her to be my personal make-up artist. If I become a professional make-up artist, I want to be like her.On top of that, the woman is stunning (damn, some people have it all...) I wanted to share a few of her looks with you, because quite frankly they're too good not to share.

Her name is Linda Hallberg and she is a make-up artist from Sweden. She has her own website which is where I first discovered her ( Like I said, her make-up is just the epitome of perfection for me; it's how I want to be able to do make-up, on myself and on others! What's more, she is gorgeous and classy - but still has a load of piercings, like me! What's not to love?!

All hail Linda Hallberg!

See what I mean?! Amazing! Definitely getting a huge girl crush on this woman, she is so talented!

Meli X

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  1. Oh my goodness! Well you've made me have a girl crush on her too! Totally understand wht you mean. He ee makeup is perfect! It's not messy or anything!! Completely neat! She's just so beautiful!! Great post! Xxx