Thursday, 3 January 2013

Real Technique Make-up Brushes

Hey! So I figured I'd do a post today about my favourite make-up brushes by Real Technique (Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo). I got the full set just before Christmas after coveting them for what felt like a million years.

I've watched Pixiwoo on Youtube for years - Samantha and her sister Nikki are professional make-up artists and have pretty much done it all. Their videos are funny, current and brilliant - make sure you check them out! You can also follow them on Instagram and they have their own amaaazing blog.

On to the brushes. I bought them all together and got a discount because of it - it cost me around £120. You can obviously buy them seperately, but I just couldn't choose between them - I had to have em all!

They all have their names and purposes written down the side of each brush, but to be honest I like to mix them up and use them for different things. I'm not a massive fan of the foundation brush - in my opinion, foundation brushes in general leave my skin looking streaky. I much prefer the buffing brush, as it really works my foundation into my skin and leaves it looking polished and flawless. I've also tried using the stippling brush for foundation application, but I found I really like using it for my cream blusher - like I said, I like to mix them up!

All the brushes are soft and easy to hold and use. I love the large powder brush, it feels like heaven! I need to powder my skin quite a lot as it's quite oily and shiny so this brush is a godsend.

The kabuki brush is a little strange as it splits in half and I haven't found myself using it a great deal - that is, until I bought a new powder foundation from Bare Minerals. It works beautifully applying the powder and it feels really soft and gentle on the skin. I think the fact it splits it a tiny bit annoying though; I think the idea was so that you could split it to use for contouring, but I find the other brushes do that job better.

I adore the blush brush - I love the shape, the look of it and obviously it applies my powder brushes beautifully. All the eye brushes are great, particularly the crease brush - it's thick and I love to apply my base eye-shadows with it. I even use one of the eye-shadow brushes to apply my concealer, as it buffs the product on rather than plastering it onto my skin.

My dog Freddie seems to like them!
I love the fact there is a travel set as I love to travel and finding something small enough to carry my brushes other than a roll has always bothered me. The black cases have elastic to slide your brushes under, and you can even flip it open and use it as a stand! Very practical.

All in all I'd say these brushes are definitely worth the money. They wash well and are great quality. I'll be doing more in depth discussion about the individual brushes soon!

Meli X


  1. Oh my gosh I love real technique brushes!! Seriously the best ones yet to be found :D xx

  2. I LOVE these brushes, compared to the high end brushes like MAC they are so good for the money as they are like half the price!
    I love your blog, i'm a new follower and i'm looking forward to reading more posts from you.
    Rachael x

  3. They are amaaazing aren't they! They're actually pretty affordable too compared to most designer brands, and definitely worth the money! I would say though that I wish they sold some of the eye brushes separately, I'd love to get another eye brush for using concealer with! xxx