Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Remington Keratin Therapy Product Review

Ok, so as you know I was lucky enough to be chosen to be in Remington's latest hair campaign. As if that wasn't good enough they also gave me two huge bags worth of goodies, including the new range of heated appliances. Obviously, I had to test them out!


Included in the range are a hair-dryer, straighteners, a curling wand and a pro volume styler. I also got a Remington ceramic brush and a paddle brush.

To start - the hair-dryer. My hair is naturally frizzy and curly and thick. I have to dry my hair with a dryer if I'm going somewhere, otherwise I look like a frizzy fuzzball. Obviously, I'm constantly aware of the fact that using more heat is not really helping my hair's condition - using heat to battle frizz is an evil circle; using heat on my hair is making it even worse long term, but I can't get rid of the frizz with out the heat, but the heat is creating the frizz... agh!

Long story short, this hair-dryer is amazing. AMAZING. All the Remington Keratin Therapy range have keratin coated or infused into them. Keratin makes the hair shine like a disco ball - it makes the hair look sleek, healthy, glossy and shiny, not to mention it feels like silk! As well as this, keratin cancels out a lot of the badness that the heat is doing to your hair. For me, this is a huge deal as my hair can sometimes look dull because there's so much of it. I use this with the ceramic barrel brush by Remington, which also has keratin in the ceramic, so it's like a two pronged attack! Though I'm not a massive fan of the brush (it struggles to hold my thick, long hair in place; I think the bristles are too close together or too short for my hair) , the hair-dryer is incredible if you want shiny, soft, salon feeling hair.

Whilst I'm on brushes, the paddle brush by Remington is a great brush for me as it tackles my thick locks with no trouble! Apparently its bristles also have keratin infused within them, though I haven't really noticed any difference to my hair when using it.

On to the straighteners! Firstly, the packaging is great, it also comes in a cute little cream coloured pouch which is really pretty and expensive looking.

The straighteners themselves are really good. They have a temperature gauge so you can change the heat setting, and it heats up really quickly. However, once turned on it does give off a bit of a strange smell (it's the keratin, I think!)

I whacked them up to full heat to combat my frizz, naturally.

The shine, though. Oh wow, the shine! These DEFINITELY give you the shine factor! My hair looked amazing after using them, like I'd had a conditioning treatment done to it or something. The ceramic plates actually change heat as they detect the moisture levels in your hair... or so I was told by Chris Appleton. This reduces the heat damage done to your locks by up to 57% compared to other Remington straighteners, appaz. I definitely noticed the difference to my hair, and I love the fact you can change the temperature to suit your hair type.

The only teeny tiny minor thing I don't like about these straighteners is that it's sharp... I know, that sounds weird, let me explain! The sides of the straightener, instead of being rounded, have pointed edges that are pretty uncomfortable to hold when you're trying to do your hair. But then again, I have to hold them for a long time because of the sheer excess of hair I have, so it probably wont be a big deal to anyone else!

The volume brush! Now, the pro volume styler was the one item I was most hesitant to try. My hair is already thick and voluminous, I don't need to more so!! So it was with a heavy heart that I tried these out.

Oh, how glad I am that I did!

The pro volume styler, like all the other items, give you beautifully soft, shiny hair (I think, but this point, we can assume that the keratin really does work wonders). You simply turn it on, and curl you hair - simples. It gives you shine, bounce, softness, and shine. It's the item I've used most so far, and it's probably my favourite at the moment! It gives you Kate Middleton-esque curls effortlessly. You can flip your side fringe like a pro with this too, which is something I've always struggled with! I love love love this product. My friend Becky, who has much shorter, thinner hair than mine, got incredible smoothness and volume from this item when we went to London to film the Remington advert.

There is, alas, a downside though! My long hair gets easily tangled in the brush and it's a painful nightmare trying to get the bugger out, especially since the brush is heated and so every second your hairs touching it the more singed it's becoming! I have yet to have any major catastrophes with it though, and I'm hoping with time I find a method that doesn't get my hair tangled round it. It does have a release button which makes the barrel spin freely, but once my hairs got round the bugger, there's no letting go! Brushing through each strand of hair before curling it with the pro volume curler does make it easier, though.

And last but certainly not least, the curlers.
Unfortunately I only got the small tonged curlers - I'm desperate to get my hands on the thicker tonged ones as I'm sure they'll make my hair look beautiful! My hair is long, so using the smaller one is a big of a struggle. They're almost too good - I end up with ringlets, and I have to quickly pull them out to stop myself from looking like a china doll. My hair tends to hold it's shape really well, so if I wanted tight curls all over my head I would definitely turn to these bad boys. However, I really like to loose natural wave, or the big curls rather than the little ones, so I can't see myself using this item too much. I did however use them the other day to see if I could replicate the 40's hairstyle Christ Appleton gave to me for the Remington advert - they did pretty good! It, like all the other products, give lots of shine and smoothness to the hair, so they're definitely worth the purchase.

All in all, definitely a good range and one that I'm sure will be replicated by other brands quickly!

If you like this review make sure you check out my other blog entry from when I was given these items during the filming of Remingtons latest TV advert! :) X

Meli X

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