Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Remington Keratin Therapy Advert!

This November I was fortunate enough to be chosen to be in Remington's newest hair campaign! It's to celebrate the release of their newest products from the Keratin Therapy range. As part of the experience I was put in a beautiful little boutique hotel just off of Oxford street in London called the Sanctum Soho Hotel. And let me tell you, that place was BEAUTIFUL!

I was even lucky enough to bring a friend, which made the experience even better!

Once we'd been chosen, we were immediately taken to the hotel and had around an hour to settle in. I had no time, however, as I was taken into the city by Chris Appleton, the famous session stylist, to get some hair dye to cover my bad roots! Once that was done, we had a delicious three course meal in the hotel, then spent the evening vibrating with excitement at the what was to come the following day!

Oh, I also dyed my hair that night, and absolutely TRASHED the hotel bathroom/towels... fortunately,  Remington had me covered!

After getting far too little sleep (too excited) in our beautiful bedroom (LOOK how plush the bed was!) we were up early for filming.

We were asked to go to breakfast with wet hair so Chris could style it from scratch later... that's me, tired, no make-up with wet hair! Yikes!

As well as having our hair done by the amazing Chris Appleton, we also got to talk with a fashion stylist, a nutritionist, a make-up artist and we got a manicure! Those are my nails after - the colour was BEAUTIFUL!

I then got my TV make-up done by this lovely lady - I never learnt her name, but she was so nice! We had two separate versions of make-up; TV make-up, which was to make sure we looked good in front of the camera, and the make-up done by the professional (Katie from 'Beauty and the Boutique' - Facebook it!)

We then spoke to the nutritionist, Rosie (from 'Miss Nutritionist', make sure you Google it) and, though this was the part I was least looking forward to, I found it SO interesting! She even gave us some little healthy treats to try, and gave us one-on-one advice about how to be healthier. She was great!

This is me and Becky talking to Rosie.

Then we met up with the stylist, who again was lovely (and absolutely stunning, damn her) and Katie the make-up artist, who was HILARIOUS, me and Becky were in stitches... we even got told off several times by the camera crew for making too much noise, oops!

Chris Appleton - his website is  hhtp://
After that, it was our time to get our hair done! Chris decided that, because I looked similar to the model who is currently the face of the Keratin Therapy range (I couldn't see the resemblance but I took it as a huge compliment!), he would do a 40's inspired wave on me.

Chris himself was a truly amazing artist. He was working under such a strict time schedule (the camera crew kept telling him to hurry up) and my hair is THICK - it normally takes me half an hour just to dry it. He completed finished my hair in about 20 minutes - the drying, the styling, everything.

Here's my hair afterwards - it was SO shiny, soft and healthy looking! I don't know if it was down to Chris or the Keratin Therapy range, but either way I was really impressed!

We got given the full range as well as other bits and bobs to take home with us - we even got champagne!

We got a short lunch break that day so by the end of the day we were knackered, but it was SO worth it! It took a while to record the end scene (about 10 takes) and by that point it was around 8pm. Me and Becky got a take away Nando's (discounted because she works there ;) ) and tried not to ruin our hair! There was a jacuzzi upstairs but we were too tired to figure it out (plus we both whimped out of wearing our swimsuits around the hotel - I mean it was the middle of winter, it would have been weird!)

All in all such a good experience though, and there was some great footage taken! Here's the finished advert:

And here's some extra footage from time spent with the make-up artist:

And here's some footage of us talking about our time spent with Remington!

I sound REALLY weird in that last video though, I swear my voice is not normally that deep sounding!

If you have any questions about the new Keratin Therapy range by Remington, about any of the people or anything about my experience there feel free to comment and I'll get back as soon as possible :)

Meli X

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