Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What's In My Bag!

I thought I'd do a 'what's in my bag' update to show you all what I'm currently favouring and lugging round in my stupidly over packed handbag... hey, I'm a girl, we plan, ok?!

Of course this changes pretty much every week/month!

Ok so the bag I'm currently using issss:

This one! I got it on sale a few months ago in Republic and just had to get it... it's a light pastel aqua colour and is huge inside!

Today I was carrying a few usual BORING items such as my keys:

(That yellow key protector cover thing is a caravan, it's backwards so you can't see it, I got it on holiday whilst in Cornwall)

And an umbrella:

Got this from Primark for a fiver or something similar... I NEVER spend much on an umbrella, they break far too much and I lose them!

My purse was also in there:

Now, I've had this purse for a few months. I got it from River Island and it's gorgeous, HOWEVER it's a stupidly big size and the card slots are too small - you have to WRESTLE your cards in and out of them! It's gotten to the point that I don't even bother putting my cards in the slots, it's too much work getting the damn things out. 

Also got my sunnies in there for driving - the winter sun is fierce! I have so many sunglasses, but these are probably my favourites. They have a tortoiseshell type pattern on and just look great. I got them from Primark - absolute steal!

My Remington notebook - always carry this around with me for writing ideas and things down. Also write my to-do lists in here, or anything I need to remember - I have a terrible memory!

A book - I was getting my car MOT'd and needed something to do!

 Hand sanitizer, tissues I bought whilst I was in London for the Queen's jubilee and Carmex lipbalm in Cherry. I always use this lipbalm when my lips are sore because it works so well it's almost medicinal for me. However, it does have a REALLY strong cherry smell, which I personally like but it is a bit overpowering! It tingles like mad too, but not in a bad way, more in a you-can-definitely-feel-me-working kind of way.

I've got oily skin so I carry these around just in case I need a quick touch up and don't want to keep putting more powder on.

Dark teal leather gloves I got for Christmas for the cold days.

Mini make-up brush set from The Body Shop. I got these because The Body Shop generally does really good, soft make-up brushes... however, I have to admit I was quite disappointed with these. They feel quite hard and not particularly soft at all... however the casing is nice and small and they get the job done, though not as well as I'd hoped!

And last but not least, my make-up bag! I got this from Bobbi Brown and I just LOVE it. A great size, patent so easy to clean, gorgeous vibrant red lining... beautiful!

Now to see what's currently in my make-up bag!

I just went away for a couple days, so at the moment it has more lip products and far other products than usual:

Barry M lipgloss! The number for the colour has rubbed off and it doesn't have a colour name annoyingly, but I just LOVE this gloss. It's thick but not sticky, it smells divine and it looks so lovely on! I have it in a light pink colour that gives the lips a tint of pinkness to them. Such a great item!

I just searched for the item colour and apparently this is coral. Coral?! OK, it looks slightly more coral than pink in the picture but in real life it's DEFINITELY more on the piny side!

Whatevs, this lipgloss is beautiful, whatever it's name! It's probably my favourite lipgloss.

This lipgloss, however, has me on the fence. Sexy Mother Pucker in Pink Apricot looks gorgeous on. However, it's sticky as hell and smells awful (apparently its supposed to be chocolate orange - it ain't!). It makes your lips feel like they have pins and needles, which I personally found very cool for the first 10 minutes, but found it a bit annoying when re-applying it on a night out. Like all lip plumping glosses, I'm dubious that it does anything, however the tingling sensation sure makes you want to pout so maybe it works in that respect. I wouldn't dream of kissing anyone whilst wearing it - it's far too sticky - and I wouldn't wear it if it was windy out as my hair would stick like mad. However, it really does look nice on... would I buy it? Not for the price! (£8.50) But as a freebie as this one was, it's a nice gloss, if not a bit annoying due to its negatives!

Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy. Love, love love this; not a lipstick, not a gloss, has a non-sticky, buttery texture that feels like a balm but has a beautiful sheer colour that looks really nice. This is ALWAYS in my day bag, it's such a great day lip colour!

Vaseline. This is in my bag a lot too, though it's mostly there so I know where it is - I lose these like crazy!

W7 Kiss Me Lip Plumping gloss. This is just a sheer gloss that has a refreshing minty scent and flavour - lovely! It doesn't really plump if I'm honest, though it feels lovely and non sticky on the lips. I really like this gloss and it's cheap, hence it's home in my handbag.

Avon Ideal Shade pressed powder in Fair. I have this for touch ups (as I said, I get really oily skin). The packaging is nice and neat and clean, it has a mirror inside and because it's a compact the powder doesn't go all over the place and make a mess. Having said that, this powder is ok - it's not amazing. I'm definitely in the market for a new translucent loose powder I can use in the morning that will last me for longer; I've got my eye on the Face of Australia one but it's really hard to get here in England!

A little mirror I got from London.

And last but not least!

This is my current favourite lipstick along with Chanel Cambon. It is just DIVINE.

Collection 2000 lipstick in DELIGHT (1).

This colour is hard to describe. It's kind of a pinky red, but it's SO much more than that!

This lipstick is gorgeous. As a redhead, I find it really hard to find pink shades that I think look nice and natural on me. The lipstick smells lovely to me, it's matte in texture and it's CHEAP! I found this by complete fluke - my Mum wears it, so I borrowed some one day and just loved it. It's now one of my most worn lipsticks - day, night, whenever! I LOVE IT!

ANYWAY! That's all the crap I manage to squeeze into my bag! I'll do another lipstick/gloss review soon as I found a load more and I'm curious to see what they look like with flash!

Meli X


  1. I love these sort of posts! I'm also a huge fan of the Revlon Lip Butters, they're so moisturising! Lovely blog :)
    Chloe xx