Monday, 4 March 2013

'Lancura' Review

The cheap supermarket Aldi has an even cheaper cosmetics and make-up range on it's shelves, so I bought a few products to review - do we really need to spend heaps of money on products, or do the cheaper ones do the job?

First, the moisturisers. I've got both the normal and dry skin moisturisers and I've been using them for the past couple of weeks.

I like to use deeeeeeeeply hydrating moisturisers on my body after a shower and overnight, so I started with the dry skin one. It has a good smell, it's a great price and the bottle is huge. The consistency of it, however... jeez! It's like trying to spread concrete over your skin! It's really hard to make it spread, I have no idea why, I've never had another cream like it. It means you have to use more because you can't spread it very easily at all! It's does mean you get a thick coverage though, and my skin was left feeling quite nice in the morning (it is quite tacky and uncomfortable to sleep in though - not one for using before sleeping in your silk jammies!)

The normal skin moisturiser had the same pleasant scent and had a normal texture, thankfully. It absorbed quickly and was really quite good for the price!

On to the mascara!

It's a teeny tube so fits in my bag perfectly. It didn't say on the box whether it was water proof or not which was an issue because my eyes are quite sensitive so can water quite a bit - even when I'm laughing! After applying it I have to assume it's not water proof because it has the same consistency as a non water proof mascara (sometimes you can just tell, can't you!) It smells like cheap mascara (not great) and it is REALLY wet.. you have to wait for it to properly dry before putting another coat on. It transferred easily onto the skin so I had to sit around for it to dry properly before moving. However, once it was dry, it really looked quite good! Check it out for yourselves:

Not bad, right?

I also bought a lipstick, but it's a really small range so I went with Pink Orchard:

It smells OK I think, and it has a nice texture (kind of grainy which I like). It doesn't have a great longevity (to be honest I don't know of many lipsticks with a good longevity!) but the nice thing about this lipstick is it can be applied without the use of a mirror because it's quite a light colour which darkens when layered up.

It photographs quite light, but it's quite a nice colour in person, much more colour depth than in the photo though!

So there you have it! All in all I'd say it's a great little label if you're tight for cash and want to try some new products. It's not great, but what do you expect for under a fiver? I'd say, for the price, you're definitely getting your money's worth!


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