Thursday, 28 March 2013

Tom Ford

I have to talk about my make-up man of the moment, Tom Ford. For some time now I've been coveting a lot from his make-up range, and after testing some of his stuff in person after my close friend Sarah bought his lipstick and a few of his brushes, I've become a woman obsessed!

Firstly, his lipsticks. They even SMELL fantastic. I tried (and need in my life ASAP) Spanish Pink, which I've been wanting for a while.

It's just beautiful. The packaging, the colour, the smell, the weight of the product, all scream quality. The texture is smooth and silky and gorgeous. I am just in love with this lipstick.

His brushes are of equally good quality and are also stunning to look at:

They are, however, STUPIDLY expensive. I certainly wouldn't buy one for everyday use for fear of ruining it too soon! I'd be almost too afraid to wash them for fear of ruining the delicate, soft bristles. Having said that they're definitely on my must-buy list!

I'm dying to get my hands on his translucent finish powder:

Also, I do love a good finishing powder, and this looks amazing. Want want want.

I daren't look at the Tom Ford skincare for fear of the prices and my lust for the the products. It's just too dangerous for me! I don't want to be bankrupt!

I have, unfortunately, heard some bad things about the Tom Ford mascara which, for it's price, it's REALLY disappointing! I certainly wont be buying it in the future, but if I get a chance to test it out personally I'll let you know my verdict!

I'm not only in love with his products, but with his marketing and beauty shots. I just LOVE the fact he is in the majority of photos selling his products! I love the styling and overall feel for them, despite the fact they're ridiculously sensual, which normally I HATE:

These are obviously tame examples, most of his adverts include some naked body part or other!

I do want to state that I'm aware of the price of his products. It's ridiculously expensive. It's so out of reach for most people's price ranges. Buuut, I'm ashamed to say that for me that makes his products even more... special. You are getting such a high quality product, and using it makes you feel so good! I also want to mention that, if I were not planning a future in cosmetics, if make-up did not make me feel as good as it does and if I had to pay full price, I probably would not buy his products (unless I wanted it for, say, a birthday or Christmas). But the packaging, the products, everything about the Tom Ford line (including the man himself) make me feel feminine, sexy, expensive and indulged. If I want to feel good about myself, I'll use a Tom Ford product. It's not an everyday brand; it's for special occasions, to make you feel the best you possibly can. And it certainly does that for me!

And is it just me, or is he seriously hot to boot?



  1. I've heard so many good things about Tom Ford makeup! The Shade and Illuminate is supposed to be amazing for contouring. But like you the price scares me, just because I'm scared I'm going to buy it and think... WHY?! The foundations just looks so irresistible though :(

    1. Yes I've heard that too, definitely looking into maybe getting that as well! It is horrifically expensive :( HOWEVER, find yourself someone who works for Estee Lauder or an Estee Lauder corporation, they have an employee website and can get major discounts on some great brands including Tom Ford! I need to find a counter and test the foundation, for the price I'd want my exact shade!