Friday, 26 April 2013

Oily Skin

I suffer from oily skin. I never used to! I used to have perfectly fine skin, skin that didn't have a particular preference to moisturisers, skin that didn't need toning or primers or the like. Then, at about the age of 19, I became more aware of the fact the skin on my nose and chin was looking pretty grim; oily, a bit spotty, just generally yucky for lack of a better word! I realised action had to be taken...

Since then, I've used a LOT of different oil balancing/cleaning/remover creams/lotions/moisturisers. Today I went into Boots intent on stocking up on some facewipes, and the Boots own brand 'Tea Tree & Witch Hazel' caught my eye (they were having a 2-for-1 offer - I swear the word 'offer' can drag me in from a mile away!) Here's what I got and what I think of them:

First up! Boots 'Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Shine Control Day Moisturiser', £3.59 for 100ml.
Well heck! The first thing I want to say is - look at the price, damn it! Loooook at it!! This is so affordable, even I could afford it (and I'm totes broke at the moment..)

I've used this in the past and I have to say it's really good for my oily skin. I put it on in the morning after cleansing and toning my skin, and it really helps to mattify my chin and nose areas whilst also hydrating the rest of my face (including my forehead which can get a smidgeon dry on occasion). It absorbs really quickly as well which I LOVE because I like my moisturisers to absorb properly before applying primers/foundation. If I don't have time for make-up or I'm just nipping out, I apply this to keep my skin hydrated, fresh and mattified. It smells how you'd expect... kind of clean and good-for-you (if that makes sense!) I love this. Definitely a win product!

Next on the list is the Boots 'Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Nose Pore Strips', £4.99 for 6.

Firstly I'll just say when I double checked the price on the Boots website I was really surprised at the cost! You'd think it would be waaaay cheaper, especially compared to the price of the moisturiser. However the price, to me, means that it'll work really well. This will be one super duper item. Yup.

...Well, it'd better be anyway!

Pure sexiness, I know
I wet my nose like the instructions... ah, instructed, and applied the little sticker type plaster thingy onto my nose. After waiting for it to dry, I gently peeled it off...

Now, these things stick. And I mean... they really stick. I had to be incredibly gentle about taking it off - it made my eyes water! But once off, I felt my nose and could feel the difference it had made. Looking at the sticker, I couldn't really see any gross stuff stuck to it, but then again my nose has been behaving itself of late. The fact it has witchy hazelly goodness in it makes it more appealing, but really, being honest, I think there are cheaper alternatives to be found in other places.

On to the toner! After cleansing my skin and using the pore strip, I put some Boots 'Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Cleansing & Toning Lotion' (£3.59) onto a cotton wool pad and gently worked it into my skin in small, circular motions. It smells really lovely. Compared to the moisturiser, it doesn't really smell of tea tree very strongly at all, and I'd go as far as to say this has a sweet scent to it. It's a very lovely smell, and it has a lovely texture. However, when I was going around my eye area (I'm a bit lazy and tend to wipe off any missed mascara with my toner) this stung... not good! It only lasted a split second and it wasn't that bad, but I'll be more hesitant to use it around my eye area from now on. It left my skin feeling refreshed and clean and not dried out, which was nice. For the price, a really great product!

I just want to add that after putting on my night cream ('Olay Anti-Wrinkle Firm and Lift Night Cream', around £5.00 and is really good, I'll do another blog entry on my regular skincare routine), I can still feel the effects the pore strip had on my nose. I mean, without touching it, it FEELS clean just generally... if that makes sense! 

I think overall this brand is a definate win and I'll certainly be purchasing other items from the collection in the future! I want to try the blemish stick and the night cream next, so keep your eyes out for additions to this post!




  1. The moisturiser sounds good! :), you can get nose-strips in the pound shop ;) xx

    1. Yeah I've tried them, I swear they're no where near as sticky as these ones though!! Wayyy better price wise however, I know which ones I'll be buying in the future anyway! The moisturiser is definitely worth a purchase, I really like it :) xxx