Thursday, 2 May 2013

My Favourite Nail Varnishes

This is just part of the bag...

My nail varnish collection is pretty extensive. I read somewhere once that, if you're feeling low and your self esteem is down, a great way to feel better about yourself is to do your nails. You see your hands constantly, so having them look nice will make you feel better about yourself. It definitely rings true for me; if I'm going on a night out and my nails aren't done, I feel unfinished and scruffy! I have a lot of colours to match an abundance of outfits, seasons, moods and events. 

Here are my favourite picks:

From top L-R

Revlon Nail Enamel in 907 Steel-her Heart

Such a great nail varnish! Beautiful colour, quite a good longevity, really nice texture (not too thick) so it's easy to apply... one coat looks great, but I always prefer two!

Lacura Beauty in 220

Quite a thick texture, but I always get compliments whenever I wear this! A lovely Autumn colour. 

Nails inc. London in Victoria & Albert 

Gotta love a good red! Quick thick so it can be a bit messy to apply but, once on, it is such a beautiful colour. It doesn't have brilliant longevity, which is a shame!

SinfulColours Professional in 265 Rich In Heart

I bought this in a little boutique in Derby around Christmas time when I was desperate for something with a big of shimmer to it. This has really nice depth to the colour, it's got a nice texture and the longevity is pretty good too. And it was only about £2 - win!

Nail Paint by Barry M in 273 Raspberry

I buy this nail varnish time and time again. It must be my favourite nail varnish shade of all time. It's just gorgeous, it goes with everything, I LOVE IT!

Essie in 808 Skirting The Issue 

It's like a slightly darker version of the Nail Paint my Barry M above, but it is gorgeous! Quite a watery texture which I like, so you do have to apply a few coats.

Chanel Le Vernis in Rouge Noir

Now these have got a surprisingly watery texture! But I like it, I find it easier to apply and the coats dry faster. I apply this 3 times to make it a really deep, dark colour. Longevity is ok.

Nail Paint by Barry M in NP 148

I'm wearing this colour at the moment and it makes me feel so summery! It's so gorgeous and bright and happy, what's not to like!

CND in Cream Washed #507 Neutral O'Sheer

I saw a picture of a model wearing this on her nails and decided I MUST have it. It took me a while to track down and when I applied it... well, lets just say it didn't look how I hoped it would! This is a tricky one, because when applied correctly (i.e. you have half an hour to apply 6 coats, letting it dry in between each time) it looks AMAZING. But if you're in a rush? Don't even bother. This is such a beautiful, dreamy, creamy colour, despite it's flaws I still love it.


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  1. You have to get some Orly Bonder, you get get a small bottle from Boots online for £5. Do the sticky sandwich thing and put a coat before each layer of polish and it gives your manicure an extra 3/4 days. It's amazing. Sarah x