Thursday, 2 May 2013


I'm one of those girls with a weakness for perfumes. I think the right perfume can reflect your personality and mood; it's also important to choose a perfume that works well with your own personal scent (your 'pheromones'). 

My favourite perfume OF ALL TIME is DKNY's Be Delicious

I wear this so often, I find it weird to smell it on another person! It's crisp, sweet, lasts all night and I ALWAYS get compliments when I wear it. I like to save this because, when I wear it, it makes me feel confident and sexy, so wearing it in the day would ruin that effect I think.

I've always loved Davidoff Cool Water Woman:

I find it really refreshing to wear in the daytime and it has great longevity. I can't wait to get this out again now it's summer!

...Also, as a side note, the guys version of this is one of my all time favourite male scents! Gorgeous!


I've had Kate Moss' Vintage Muse for a while:

I just love this picture of Kate, don't you?

I like this fragrance, though is is quite strong and woody in my opinion which I normally don't go for. I find that I need a certain event to wear it to, though... like something posh, I guess? Beautiful for the winter, though!

I also has 'Kate Moss - Kate' (the rose one) at one point, which smelt great but unfortunately lasted for less than an hour, no matter how much you sprayed on! And no, I'm not joking! If they could sort out the strength and longevity of that perfume, I'd probably re-purchase as it was lovely though. 

I also have CK Secret Obsession:

I got this as a gift, and it certainly isn't something I'd ever pick out for myself! However as with the Vintage Muse perfume, it has a gorgeous deep scent to it that lasts and lasts (in fact you have to be a little careful how much you put on otherwise it can be a bit overpowering). I like to wear this out as a change from my Be Delicious. 

I'm a huge fan of the Avon perfumes. My favourite perfume to wear in the day is Little Black Dress:

...In fact, day or night, this perfume is AMAZING. They really hit the nail on the head with this one - despite it being a cheap brand (and normally I HATE cheap perfumes) I really love this perfume. I wore it last night to a pub quiz with some old school friends and as I was hugging one goodbye he said, "Ooh, you smell great!" You know it's a keeper when you receive compliments!

Because of my absolute love for Little Black Dress, I decided to try out the other two perfumes in the range, Little Red Dress:

and Little White Dress:

Initially, I was really disappointed in Little Red Dress. It's a bit too sweet for my regular tastes, a bit too frilly and girly. However, once it's settled onto my skin, it actually smells quite nice! For the price, it wasn't a bad buy, but it's got nothing on the Little Black Dress.

Little White Dress is a bit forgettable to be honest, though I have it in a teeny little bottle to carry around in my purse and use it for touch ups when I need to. I need to wear it more often and make a more definitive decision on it!

On my purchase list is the Chanel CHANCE EAU FRA√éCHE:

It smells so pretty and refreshing, just my cup of tea!

What are your favourite perfumes? What do you recommend?


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