Saturday, 18 May 2013

Tattoos and Piercings

I think this subject may be a little bit controversial... I mean, this is a beauty blog, and I'm posting about tattoos and piercings! But for me, they are just another way of 'decorating' yourself, just like you do with make-up and cosmetics. They're just a bit more... well, permanent! I see tattoos as a way of encapsulating moments of life that are worth remembering, or have significant meaning. 

Before I go any further, I think people who get tattoos merely for the sake of getting a tattoo, or to follow the trends, are quite sad people. Fashion is CONSTANTLY changing. Do you not think tattoos will go out of fashion at some point, just like everything else does? Because they will! So think LONG and HARD before you get one - you don't want to regret it!

Ok so that's all the deep, boring stuff out the way! I have two tattoos and seven piercings. I spent a looooong time choosing my tattoos - it's not like I can get them removed easily! (By the way, I know someone who had laser removal on her tattoo - she said it was excruciating). I got the majority of my piercings done whilst at university. I have made sure that all my piercings can be removed and hidden, and all my tattoos are in easily covered places because, like it or not, they DO make a difference with regards to work. I have had many interviews where they're asked if I have tattoos or piercings, and I've read many job advertisements stating that people with visible tats/piercings need not apply. So if you know it may affect your chances of getting work, WAIT or DON'T BOTHER! At the end of the day, tattoos are merely a form of art. It's not worth decorating yourself if it will mean you can't have the career of your dreams. 

Ok, so I'll start with my piercings!

This is my left ear. I have my lobe done once, my tragus done and my rook. For those wondering, the lobe doesn't hurt (then again I got mine done when I was four so it's hard to remember), my tragus didn't hurt at all (they froze it and I didn't feel a thing) and my rook really hurt, even though they froze it! It healed really quickly though and I've had no problems with them. I love these piercings!

On my right ear I have my lobe done, my helix done and my anti tragus. The helix (the top rim part) didn't hurt when I got it done (though you can really hear the crunch of cartilage when the needle goes through, yuck!) and the bloody anti tragus... well, I didn't have it frozen so it hurt like crazy, and it got very infected when healing. Even now, if I sleep on it wrong, it swells up and aches! I should probably take it out but it hurt so much getting it done in the first place... as well as that, if I take it out I'll have three piercings on one ear and only two in the other. They have to be even dammit!!

If you have a piercing that gets infected and swells up, DO NOT TAKE THE PIERCINGS OUT UNTIL THE SWELLING HAS GONE DOWN. Clean it with a hot compress at least twice a day. If it persists, see a doctor!

I got my ears pierced because I have big ears which I hate and this was kind of my way of owning them!

I also have my belly pierced. It didn't hurt at all, but it took FOREVER to heal!

Ok, on to my tattoos!

I got my first tattoo for my 19th birthday.

It's very low on my right hip.

It says 'Tempestas', the Latin word for storm.

I got this to represent my favourite saying:

'Life's not about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain'

I also got this because a) I love the smell of rain, it's once of my favourite smells, and b) I got a candle that is called 'After the Storm' by Wax Lyrical when I was younger that smelt SO BEAUTIFUL I didn't use it. In fact, I still have the candle, and whenever I smell it it makes me feel calm and reminds of when I bought it out shopping with my Mum, twin brother and Great Aunt. 

On the back of the large candle (which I couldn't afford to buy at the time, I bought the smallest one to remind me) was a really beautiful paragraph about how everything seems so much calmer and cleaner and fresher after a storm. I've lost the exact words and the candle is no longer in production which is HEARTBREAKING AHHH!

But yes, the words really meant something to me. HENCE THE TAT

My second tattoo I got this year as a present from the amazing Sarah (Skin Perfecting). I'd been after this tattoo since I was 16, but couldn't find the exact design and shape I wanted for it. Then I was lacking in funds, and it kind of got forgotten about... until recently, anyway!

Straight after I had it done, hence the redness
This is the Buddha symbol called 'hum'. It's part of a Buddhist mantra, the last part actually. Together with the whole mantra ('Om Mani Padme Hum') it means to be invisible (as in, when you do good deeds don't make a big deal out of it, be humble). On it's own, however, it purifies against anger and hatred  There's a lot more to it than that, but I'm conscious I've made this quite a wordy blog entry so if you want to know more, either Google it or write a comment down below! 

I love Buddhism, I love the symbol, I love it's meaning. I got it on my nape so it's hidden by high necked tops and by my hair when it's down.

During and after getting it done
My friend Becky and I are planning on going travelling. Thailand is most certainly on the menu and when we go I'd like to visit one of the Thai monks and get a tattoo by them. They choose what and where they do the tattoo according to your personality and aura, and afterwards they bless it. 

So yes, they are my tattoos and piercings! 



  1. I loved this post Mel, it's so you. You have to be with me when I get my Stag x

  2. Didn't know you blogged as well! God look at us all alternative and shit xx