Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Garnier Olia Hair Dye Review

When I was in the Remington hair campaign, they made me dye my hair a darker shade of red to cover my roots (at the time I had a red ombre effect going on, not intentional - I'd stripped my previous red hair dye out in the intention of going light again). The hair dye Chris Appleton chose out for me was Garnier Olia Hair Dye in the shade 4.6, or 'deep red'. As I'd just lightened my hair from a similar shade and spent quite a bit doing so I was a tad miffed at this, but as Remington were reimbursing me for it it wasn't too bad! Today, I had to cover up my roots, so I thought I'd do a review whilst doing so! Having dyed my hair for quite while, I've tried many brands and so wanted to see how this dye compared...

Now, after dying my hair for the very first time back when I was about 15, I knew from early on how hard to apply hair dye is with just the applicator. I bought some cheap and cheerful hair dye brushes (which came with a comb and a pot and other helpful stuff) from the poundshop to help with the process. I have lots of hair, so I have to be pretty thorough!

I started with my roots. I popped a towel on to my shoulders and shook the mixture up (in a cool bottle, much different to other brands) and squirted it into the bowl. The shade was a light orangey reddy colour and only transformed into a deep red when it touched my hair, no matter how long it was in the bowl for - weird!

I find roots the hardest part as I don't have eyes in the back of my head and can't see what I'm doing, so I got my lovely Mum to help apply it all over using the dye brush. She's done this many times for me - MANY times - so she's a bit of a pro at it now. The smell of Olia is very different to other hair dyes as this dye has no ammonia smell, and therefore doesn't singe the nostrils and make the eyes water!

After it was applied to my roots, I pottered around and did other stuff for 20 minutes. Sometimes hair dye can make my scalp feel a little warm and itchy as the dye starts to work (don't worry, I always do a patch test so I know I'm not reacting!), but I got none of that with this dye. After 20 minutes, I went back to slather the rest of the dye onto the rest of my hair. I clipped it back, and waited another 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes I went to rinse it out. It took aaaages to rinse out (like every other hair dye). I then whacked on a load of the conditioner that comes with the dye and waited for 20 minutes before rinsing it out.

Once blown dry, the colour was pretty good. However, it's not as shiny as I envisaged... and I have a few patched on my roots. Now, my Mum has dyed my hair many a time with different dyes and never left my roots; she is thorough, so I don't know how they could have been missed! When my friend Becky dyed it for Remington, it was also quite patchy, though I put that down to inexperience of dye spreading on her part as she'd never dyed someone's hair before. I don't know whether Ive been unfortunate twice or whether it's the dye, but alas I do have a few undyed areas of hair (easily hidden, thankfully!) Apart from that the dye was pretty good, especially since it's ammonia free. It works like every other hair dye I've used, except I'd say it gives a teeny bit less shine and it a bit more expensive. Being honest, ir's not the best dye I've ever used. I really miss Herbal Essences hair dye in 'fiery red' as it looked healthy and glossy and smelt beaut, but I think they discontinued it! Heartbreaking!

Anywho, this is my hair after it had been dried:

Is it the colour on the box? Hmm, debatable... it's still a nice, deep red though, and my roots look far better which was what I was most concerned about as I'm graduating next week! All in all not a bad colour depth and not a bad home colouring kit either. It's selling point is definitely that is has no ammonia, which is a huge bonus - but if you're after shine, this wouldn't be my first port of call!

Meli X

Sunday, 6 January 2013

My New Favourite Make-up Artist

I have just discovered my favourite make-up artist of all time (well, at least for now!) Her make-up is literally exquisite. It's my version of what make-up should be - enhancing, flawless, beautiful, smooth, perfectly buffed and blended. If I were famous, I'd want her to be my personal make-up artist. If I become a professional make-up artist, I want to be like her.On top of that, the woman is stunning (damn, some people have it all...) I wanted to share a few of her looks with you, because quite frankly they're too good not to share.

Her name is Linda Hallberg and she is a make-up artist from Sweden. She has her own website which is where I first discovered her ( Like I said, her make-up is just the epitome of perfection for me; it's how I want to be able to do make-up, on myself and on others! What's more, she is gorgeous and classy - but still has a load of piercings, like me! What's not to love?!

All hail Linda Hallberg!

See what I mean?! Amazing! Definitely getting a huge girl crush on this woman, she is so talented!

Meli X