Monday, 4 March 2013

'Dainty Dolls' Blush and Concealer Review

I love anything that's aimed at pale people, particularly if it's designed by a pale redhead! It's taken me ages to get used to the fact that I have paaaale pale skin, having always wanted beautifully deep tanned skin my whole life. It's actually really hard to find products that are light enough that have the right undertones and don't look like a mask with the right coverage and for the right skin type... agh! Nightmare!

I've been excited about Dainty Doll since they first came out and I couldn't wait to try the products. Unfortunately, I was pretty young when it first came on the scene (i.e. POOR) and I wasn't expecting the price. I then promptly forgot about them for ages until I realised, oh, hey I'm an adult now, I can afford stuff! Yay!

Soooo I went ahead and bought the Dainty Doll blush in 'Money Talks' and the cream concealer in 'Light Ivory' (I think that's the last one before the lightest shade).

Firstly, I think the packaging is neat, sleek and simple - love! They both have mirrors inside for handy application on the go.

I'll start with the blush:

Teeny weeny bit annoying because it doesn't have the name on the back, just the number, but oh well!

I have been looking for a taupe-shaded blush for ages because I think porcelain beauties look absolutely stunning with it placed just under the cheekbone. I was so excited to try this, I can tell you!

The first thing I'll say is, when applying it it kind of looks like you're not putting anything on, so I went ahead and whacked a load on. Then I went to drive somewhere, caught my reflection in the rear-view mirror and realised I'd put LOADS on! So when you have quite bad lighting at home like I do, you have to be careful not to put a load on because it's much more noticeable from the side than it is the front. I absolutely LOVE this blush though. The colour is just perfect!

These pictures were taken in the sunlight which is why they're so bright and you can see it just near my ear under my cheekbones. I haven't put a lot on here but you can still see it; I think it looks absolutely GORGEOUS and it's fast becoming part of my day make-up!

On to the concealer:

I bought the concealer on shade darker than the lightest shade they have. I don't think I am porcelain pale (despite the pictures above!) I have a reddy undertone and freckles which makes the palest shade look too light on me. Fortunately, I guessed right because this shade is PERFECT for my skin and matches my foundation pretty well so hides blemishes. I'm used to using liquid concealer so I find this a bit hard to cover under my eyes, but after a few goes I got the hang of blending and buffing it, and it is a great concealer. I think it's going to last me forever as well because you only need a tiny bit, building it up if you need more coverage. I've been after a cream concealer for ages and was going to buy the Bobbi Brown one, but after buying this which is about half the price I'm really glad I remembered about Dainty Dolls, because they haven't disappointed!

Unfortunately I've just bought a new foundation so I'm not going to be buying any new stuff any time soon, but when I do I'll definitely be thinking about the Dainty Dolls fluid foundation because I'm dying to see whether or not I'll find a shade to perfectly match my natural shading! I'll let you know when the time comes...


'Lancura' Review

The cheap supermarket Aldi has an even cheaper cosmetics and make-up range on it's shelves, so I bought a few products to review - do we really need to spend heaps of money on products, or do the cheaper ones do the job?

First, the moisturisers. I've got both the normal and dry skin moisturisers and I've been using them for the past couple of weeks.

I like to use deeeeeeeeply hydrating moisturisers on my body after a shower and overnight, so I started with the dry skin one. It has a good smell, it's a great price and the bottle is huge. The consistency of it, however... jeez! It's like trying to spread concrete over your skin! It's really hard to make it spread, I have no idea why, I've never had another cream like it. It means you have to use more because you can't spread it very easily at all! It's does mean you get a thick coverage though, and my skin was left feeling quite nice in the morning (it is quite tacky and uncomfortable to sleep in though - not one for using before sleeping in your silk jammies!)

The normal skin moisturiser had the same pleasant scent and had a normal texture, thankfully. It absorbed quickly and was really quite good for the price!

On to the mascara!

It's a teeny tube so fits in my bag perfectly. It didn't say on the box whether it was water proof or not which was an issue because my eyes are quite sensitive so can water quite a bit - even when I'm laughing! After applying it I have to assume it's not water proof because it has the same consistency as a non water proof mascara (sometimes you can just tell, can't you!) It smells like cheap mascara (not great) and it is REALLY wet.. you have to wait for it to properly dry before putting another coat on. It transferred easily onto the skin so I had to sit around for it to dry properly before moving. However, once it was dry, it really looked quite good! Check it out for yourselves:

Not bad, right?

I also bought a lipstick, but it's a really small range so I went with Pink Orchard:

It smells OK I think, and it has a nice texture (kind of grainy which I like). It doesn't have a great longevity (to be honest I don't know of many lipsticks with a good longevity!) but the nice thing about this lipstick is it can be applied without the use of a mirror because it's quite a light colour which darkens when layered up.

It photographs quite light, but it's quite a nice colour in person, much more colour depth than in the photo though!

So there you have it! All in all I'd say it's a great little label if you're tight for cash and want to try some new products. It's not great, but what do you expect for under a fiver? I'd say, for the price, you're definitely getting your money's worth!