Sunday, 15 September 2013

New Max Factor Giant Lip Pencils Review

Max Factor have just brought out some brand new 'lip pencils'. They're sort of like a spin off from crayons to look at, and after seeing the advertisement for them (which is beautiful) I was quite looking forward to trying one out!

I LOVE this image! Gorgeous hair and lips!

The first thing I want to point out it that these are NOT twist up, from what I can tell! I think you have to SHARPEN them, as I spent a good deal of time attempting to spin the bottom in an effort to get more out, to no avail! If this is a case, I think that's a realllly bad idea, a lot of unnecessary effort  and a bit silly, to be honest!

I tried the red pencil as shown in the advert.

It's easy to apply because of the shape, which means you don't really need a lip liner. It has great pigmentation, and looks very bright on the lips with just one slick. However, I can't say I'm a massive fan of the texture. It's a bit sticky, I found my hair sticking to it when I stepped outside, and I even had some transfer on to my teeth - something that has NEVER happened with other lipsticks I've used! I do love the colour, though again it doesn't have the depth that it seems to have in the advert, and I'd say the staying power is alright - nothing more, nothing less!

I'm still in love with the visual, enough to think about dying my hair that colour!

What do you guys think?