Monday, 20 January 2014

The best fake tan I've EVER used! 'L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Elixir' Review

I am naturally veeeeery pale... a natural redhead with Scottish heritage, I'm bound to be! Sometimes (particularly in the summer) I like to have a little more bronze to my white skin, and since I've booked a holiday for the end of June I've been on a mission to find my perfect tan! Usually I really struggle to find ones that fit my bill - here's my list of needs from a tanner:

1. Nice/no smell. You know, so you don't wake up in the middle of the night choking on the smell of your own skin.

2. Dries quickly. I can't be bothered to stand around for ages in the nuddy waiting for it to dry!

3. Not patchy. Bit obvious really, it's not a good look on anyone.

4. Not orange! This one is sooo hard, everything looks orange on me, I want bronze not tangerine!

5. Easy to apply. Because I'm lazy like that.

Quite a long list, now I look back on it... no wonder I've been struggling!


That's right my beautiful bronzed buddies, I have stumbled across what is possibly my favourite self tan for pale people! The search is over yippeeee!

I actually literally did stumble upon this at work. I noticed it on the new summer shelf and didn't recognise the packaging, so I had a little read and got really excited when phrases such as 'lasts 2 weeks' and 'can be used on the face' jumped out at me. As I'm in the market for the perfect tanner (who isn't) I figured I'd give it a go... and it is SO. DAMN. GOOD. 

It's called 'L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Elixir' and is brand spanking new.  The texture is like an elixir, meaning it's kind of watery, which means it dries and bonds to the skin in minutes. I was so impressed - there was no stickiness or residue afterwards! It made doing my entire body (including face) easy peasy and quick to do. The only thing I struggled with was my hands... you can't use bare hands to apply this, it's too watery and will bond to your hands too quickly for you to be able to wash the tan off. I used gloves to apply it. Usually I take the excess tan over the backs to give them a slight colour, but this absorbed too fast to do that so I ended up rubbing a bit blobbed on the back of my hands together. I went to bed dreaming of glowy, pretty skin and realised there is next to no scent once this is on - another bonus! The next morning, I got ready and dashed to work. The bottle says to apply a coat to your skin for 3 consecutive days for it to last 2 weeks, but I noticed a definitive colour straight away. I got slight patching on my arms (my own fault for not rubbing it in properly) but my face, chest and back look amazing and so natural! I put another coat on my face and neck that night and got 4 separate people tell me I had a beautiful glow today, and I even had a customer buy the product after asking what it was I'd used! I have never had such positive results from tanning before - I call that a result!

Before (please ignore my bruises haha)

After one layer

I have yet to apply 3 coats; I already look quite tanned from the one but I'm excited to see how dark it can go whilst staying natural. And I don't know how it's going to wear off yet, but even if it goes a bit patchy I'm still so impressed with this tan, it's a winner for me!



  1. I have never tried this but will keep an eye out as I am looking for a good tan for summer :) x

  2. Any updates? Are you still using the tan?

  3. I found this fake tan to stink, it's currently gassing me out, giving me a headache and I've even showered since applying it! I'm Very pale too and the colour is very orange on me after just one application.

    1. Wow really? I find that really surprising... I absolutely love it! But no product will suit everyone unfortunately :)