Wednesday, 8 January 2014

YSL Lipstick Review

So me and my best friend Hannah went into Derby yesterday and, while we were there, decided to have a little browse around the make-up counters in the Westfields Boots. The Boots has just had a major revamp so has loads of new counters since I was there. Having never had the chance to browse a YSL counter, we naturally gravitated towards the lipsticks and had a little look. My friend picked out a nude, I glanced over... And it was love at first sight!

Now it's not very often I make incredibly impulsive buys; ill usually look at something, mull it over, have a good think etc. But this lipstick is just BEAUTIFUL!

Firstly, the packaging. Like all premium lipsticks, this came in it's own little golden box. The lipstick I have is called 'Rouge Volupte' in 'Nude Beige'. Pretty unimaginative name, but it's more than made up for once the box is opened.

It's probably one of the prettiest bullets I've seen - this coming from a girl who isn't a huge fan of gold. I really love the coloured band around the middle, which perfectly replicates the colour of the actual lipstick. It's definitely on par with the Tom Ford lipsticks with regard to packaging and general feel - very pretty and classy! It also has a very nice weighty feel to it.

The lipstick itself is (and I can't believe I'm going to say this!) the best feeling lipstick I've ever tried on. I can't compare it to  anything else I've ever tried; it's silky and soft and smooth, but later almost 'sets' and stays on the lips. It's weightless, isn't cakey or chalky, feels moisturising but not gloopy or sticky. It's possibly even nicer than Tom Ford, and that's saying something! I can't comment on the smell just yet as I have a cold and a blocked nose, but I'm hoping it smells just as good as the faint vanillary scent you get with Tom Ford lippies. I'll have to wait and see when I'm better! 

The staying power is fab, the colour is gorgeous and the bullet beautiful. I know for a fact it is one of my favourite lipsticks already, and I've only worn it once! At a cost of around £24, it ain't cheap; but if you have some spare Christmas money or an upcoming birthday and want a product that makes you feel and look good, this is the one for you! 

Meli xxx

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