Thursday, 20 March 2014

NEW No7 Spring Make-up Haul and Review

It's spriiiing, yay! And with the pretty flowers, warmer weather and beer gardens comes the new ranges of make-up fit to suit the new season in all it's beautific glory!

No7 have come out with a couple of new products, both in make-up and skincare, and I've done a little review for ya'll! Enjoy!

Products clockwise from left: Beautiful Skin Rapid Spot Rescue, Beautiful Skin Dark Circle Corrector, Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation, Pop & Glow Cream Blush in Rose Blossom, Shade & Define Eyeshadow sticks in Cool Mink and Coffee Bean, Lovely Lashes Mascara

I'll start with the foundation.


Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation is No7's newest foundation addition. Mine is in the shade 'Cool Vanilla'.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I actually like this foundation, though it is VERY light coverage and has quite a dewy finished, especially on my oily skin. It's quite watery, so be careful to let it run out of the container onto your hand and don't squeeze it or you're have a right unholy mess on your hands!
Not one for if you're having a bad skin day, it does cover up general discolouration and is very lightweight. I have a feeling this will be great on holiday, though I'd be careful of the shine it can give! Works in beautifully and has an SPF of 15 which I always like in a foundation. It is best applied with a buffing brush to really work it into the skin. A no make-up, make-up foundation!

On to the new dark circles corrector.

Has a 3-ball applicator which I like a lot. The idea of this product is that it not only covers dark circles immediately but it also lightens them over time if used regularly. The product that comes out looks almost yellow, but once applied and gently patted into the undereye area it doesn't really have a colour. 

Before                                                          After     

I can't say this lightens hugely but it definitely brightens and made me look more awake. It also felt very cooling and lovely and easy to use. Can't comment on whether it actually lightens the under-eye area over time, haven't been using it long enough but I have high hopes... 

Next, the new blush!

I quite like the packaging of this, mostly because of the colours. The new blush comes in only three shades, but boy are they summery! They'll definitely be a hit once the hot weather comes I predict as it comes in a bright, girly pink (like the one I have), a corally orange and a redder pink. It comes in an easy twist up applicator which I think is quite cute and quirky. To apply, I dotted a bit on my cheeks and used my fingers to smudge it out. Despite being such a bright colour, it really was pretty on and will be great for when the hot weather hits us! I can see these being quite a big hit!

Had to put on quite a bit so it would show up in this picture... damn my stupid, rubbish camera and crappy lighting!
Next, I tried the Shade and Define Eyeshadow Pencils.

This came out in a couple of shades over Christmas, but as they were such a big hit No7 brought them out as a permanent range and added some more colours too. I have 'coffee bean' and 'cool mink', two newer shades.

I want to say that I'm not actually a huge cream eyeshadow fan, so I wasn't very excited about these products - but I was pleasantly surprised! They're really easy to use and apply (though I did use an eyeshadow brush to blend them in a bit), and they even have a nifty little sharpener on the end to keep the tip as sharp as you want. They can be used as an eyeliner (though not in the waterline), so I used 'cool mink' as a base and 'coffee bean' as a liner. They're great if you want a quick look and I'm quite impressed! They only downside was that, once on, I felt like my eyelids were a tiny bit sticky... but it was nothing a dusting of translucent powder didn't fix. And these set to stay - very unmovable! All in all a definite win for No7!

Last but not least, the new 'Lovely Lashes' mascara!

This mascara is similar to 'Lash Adapt' by No7, a line I believe they are discontinuing. It has argan oil in to promote lash growth and claims to naturally volumise lashes. I've been using this for a few weeks and I'm still very unsure how I feel about this product! 
Firstly, it has a traditional bristle brush, which I think is OK. Secondly, it is very wet. Which means, if you don't have great patience, you can get it all over the place. I would say this is not a volumising mascara, but at a push it is a lengthening one - if you apply a second coat once the first is applied. It does coat lashes well and evenly, it has good colour and once on you can barely feel it, which is a nice, natural feeling. It is definitely a day time mascara and I can't see people wearing it for nights out! In the summer this will be nice for that no make-up make-up look, but I would be wary if you were going near water - it's not waterproof. I reckon this would be great for someone with sensitive eyes or someone who wants to take care of their lashes. I can also see the elderly liking this as it's lightweight, comfy, moisturising and easy to take off. 
I think I have to be in the mood to wear this mascara. It will never, ever clump and I kind of like that... sometimes I love how light and pretty looking it is... other times, I think it's far too natural! But I will be keeping it close by come holiday season, when I want to slick something on quickly and run! I can't think of any other mascaras like it on the market at the moment which I think is a good thing - though whether it will last, who knows!

'Lovely Lashes' mascara
So there you have it! New Spring items from No7... what do you think?


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  1. I absolutely No7. But now I am back in the States and we have it here but not all of the fun stuff. I hope we get this product. I will keep my eye out for it.