Thursday, 19 February 2015

My Favourite Drugstore Foundation / How to Fake Great Skin!

Oh heeeeeeeeey

Today I want to show you how I put on my foundation, as it's another thing people constantly ask and comment on at work. I do not have good skin! I rarely get blemishes, but I have very uneven colouring and I'm quite oily. I also have pores on my nose, wah! But this method of applying my foundation tricks people into thinking I have great skin. And they never say 'you're foundation is amazing' - they always say my SKIN is! I definitely put this down to my application method which I thought I'd share today :)

Firstly, one of my all time favourite foundations is... No7! I have access to a lot of premium brands and I've tried a lot of different foundations, but I always seem to come back to this one. It's absolutely perfect to wear in the day, the only downside is it has serious flashback issues for nights out. Oh well, can't have everything!

I use the shade 'Cool Vanilla'

Aside from the actual product itself, I really like the packaging because as you use up the product you can see how much you have left. It also means I get to use up pretty much every drop in the bottle! AND it's really affordable, at only £13.50. No7 consultants can match you to your perfect shade, so if you're unsure ask one of the advisor's and they'll choose the right colour for you - for free! *gasp*

To apply my foundation I always - ALWAYS - use two brushes. Now this might seem like a faff to you, but I do this for a couple of reasons. 

Firstly, longevity. I have oily skin which means products have a tendency to slide. Using two brushes, one to apply and one to buff, means my make-up stays on longer as it's worked into the skin.

Secondly, it makes the foundation look flawless, seamless, and airbrushed. I can't stand foundations that sit on the skin and look masky!

Thirdly, you can see more clearly where you need that extra coverage. for me it's always on my jaw and nose as I have extra redness there. Only applying extra where you need it again means I'm not wasting product and looking cakey. 

The two brushes I absolutely love to use for this are both by 'Real Techniques'. One is the angled foundation brush, the other the buffing brush. 

I've had these brushes for about 2 years now and they're still in great condition. Obviously I take care to clean them when they need cleaning and look after them, but at such an affordable price they've held up just as well as my more expensive premium make-up brushes. 

I apply my foundation by using the flat foundation brush to get the product all over my face, then I use the clean, dry buffing brush to buff it in. It takes me about as long as probably using your fingers take, and looks infinitely better! Once it's all buffed in, I go back over with the flat foundation brush in any areas that need a bit more coverage. Easy peasy!

Muuuuuch better!

After all my make-up is finished
It does picture really beautifully in the day, just be wary of flash photography with this foundation as it has an SPF of 15 and you make look a little ghostly!

Meli x 

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