Thursday, 5 February 2015

My Favourite Look of the Moment - Using Smashbox Christmas 'On The Rocks' Eyeshadow Palette


Today I wanted to show you the easy peasy, flattering-on-anyone, quick smokey eye I've been favouring on a day to day basis of late. When I have no time in the morning and want to wear my favourite look, this is what I go for, along with my all time favourite classic nude/pinky lip!

I did this look using the Smashbox 'On The Rocks' Christmas eye shadow palette:

I used the colour in the bottom left corner, the browns and nudes, for this eye.

I used the nudey/pinky shimmer in the inner corner of the eye and on the brow bone as a highlight.

Smashbox 'Hyperlash' mascara is the bombbb, check that curling action!

I finished off with a classic flick, just to make it look more polished! In truth flicks generally take up most of my time when doing make-up...

I wore my favourite lipgloss OF ALL TIME with this look, which is the Clarins 'Instant Light' lip perfector:

Don't ask why I took this on snapchat... I'm a simpleton
I absolutely love this product and it's been a firm favourite for ages. It looks great on, I love the sponge applicator, I love the texture and feel of the gloss, but the best thing about it has got to be the smell... it smells like caramel deliciousness!

Just be careful if you take this away on holiday with you because the air pressure squeezes the tube so when you open it up at your vacay destination there's an unholy mess in the lid. Lesson learnt the hard way!

Meli x

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Smashbox 'Cherry Smoke' Palette

Ahh, I have to quickly talk about this palette #sorrynotsorry

This picture doesn't do it justice, seriously, get to your local Smashbox counter and have a look!

It has to be my favourite eye palette of the moment, along with all-time fave 'Urban Decay Naked 2'

Firstly, the cute, easy-to-keep-clean, portable casing. Love!

Secondly, the amazing shade range that enables you to cover easy peasy day time looks and dark, intense smokey eyes.

Thirdly, the great sized mirror

Fourthly, the pigment is so good! Really smooth, easy to blend, builds up well and gives great colour instantly!

This palette is, quite simply, the best Autumn/Winter palette I've seen in a looong while!

Today I decided to use the redder, rustier tones, as I know a couple of people will be put off by these shades. Reds are easy to wear (and in fact look amazing on blue eyes), as long as you put a line of black between the red and your actual eye, so you don't look like you've been punched in the face, cus, you know, that ain't a good look on anyone dear.

I don't know why I look drunk, I swear I wasn't, I can only apologise, dopey face

I used the shades 'Oxidise' and 'Rustic' to create this look. I used 'Bare' as my shading base, then applied 'Oxidise' up to the crease and blended. I then used a pencil brush to apply 'Rustic' to my crease in a windscreen wiper motion, and blended out with a fluffy brush upwards towards the brow. I also applied some in the inner corner, outer corner and under the eye. I appled some liquid black liner to create the cat eye flick and put some black pencil under the eye (which made it a bit too messy for my liking but I got compliments at work so hey!)

I also used 'Hyperlash' mascara by Smashbox, which I'm also in love with at the moment because every time I wear it I get asked how I curl my lashes. I don't, it's just the mascara, honest!

Meli x

'Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liners'


So today I decided to wear quite a bold lip, I've had this liner for a while but I haven't gotten around to wearing it until now. 

I have a couple of these liners already (the 'Nude Light' is the bomb) and absolutely love them. I'm lazy, so the sharpener in the lid is genius, plus they stay put really, really well. The downside is it doesn't last all that long... by that, I mean you can't wear this every day or you'll have to repurchase pretty quickly! A bit annoying, but I'd say worth it if you're after a liner that seriously doesn't budge.

Aaaanyway, I decided to wear 'Fuchsia Flash' today with a simple, easy flick and very subtle contour (I didn't want too much going on everywhere else since it's a pretty bright colour);

'Fuchsia Flash' (with some lip butter on top for comfort)
Easy cateye flick using the 'No7' eye liner pen

Oooooh, briiiiight! 'Fuchsia Flash' on it's own 
Soft contour using the Estee Lauder bronzer in 'light', blush is 'Margin' by Mac and highlighter is by Barbara Daily at Tesco
Finished look

I wore this look all day and only touched up the liner at lunch after I'd eaten! It really doesn't want to move, such a great liner, plus there's a matching lipstick shade by Smashbox for a creamier, deeper colour!

What do you guys think?